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About Chamois

To express the purity and exceptional quality of spring mineral water from the heart of the High Tatras, we used the symbol that best describes it. Tatra chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra tatrica) is an endemic subspecies of mountain chamois that lives only in the High, Low and Western Tatras. Pure alpine a pollution-free environment is a necessary condition, as well as an ideal environment for his life. The uniqueness of this species symbolizes the absolute purity and quality of CHAMOIS – TATRANSKÁ MINERÁLKA mineral water.

That is why the Tatra chamois has become our unmistakable LOGO and a symbol of quality, purity and the meaning of life connected to nature.

Natural CO2 content

Natural CO2 content

Natural CO2 content

Natural CO2 content


Chamois 350 ml & 750 ml

In the untouched hills of the High Tatras springs a magical spring with a constant temperature of only 6°C and a low mineral content. The water that flows naturally from it is unique, extremely clean, balanced, soothing, soft, delicious and without salt. The CHAMOIS glass bottle with a volume of 350 ml and 750 ml will add a touch of elegance and prestige to any culinary occasion. 

CHAMOIS / TATRANSKÁ MINERÁLKA continues to support traditional glass making techniques for the demanding, modern and fine design of glass products focused on the absolute quality of the water served. Artisan processed glass, glasses are mouth blown and hand painted for demanding clientele. The CHAMOIS series is built on customer feedback and focused on the absolute quality of water in today’s gastronomy. The result is a balance between quality, taste and aesthetics.


CHAMOIS is an exclusive combination of bottle and water, thanks to which even an ordinary occasion becomes extraordinary. Water clear as a diamond. An original piece of nature is hidden in every drop.

CHAMOIS includes the unique values of high mountains – purity and energy, beauty, virtue, exclusivity and charm. It has a soft and delicate taste, low mineral content, and is practically salt-free. It belongs to the cleanest and clearest waters in the world. It has been helping people stay healthy for over 330 years.

CHAMOIS contains minerals that are perfectly balanced. It is pushed to the surface of the earth by natural carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), which gives it an excellent fine effervescence and a delicious taste. The location of the spring is located in a balanced mountain ecosystem.

CHAMOIS respects the most varied tastes. It thus accompanies all meals and drinks with its unlimited lightness and freshness and is especially valued for its unmistakable delicious taste and fine bubbles.

CHAMOIS is intended for a cultured and demanding public in quality hotels and restaurants. It is irreplaceable for good gastronomy and the experience of quality wine. People seek it because it is beneficial to the body and harmonizes health.

CHAMOIS is regularly and rigorously inspected during the bottling process to ensure that its quality is maintained. So it reaches the whole world with unchanged properties.


The royal official Juraj Wernher (1497-1567), the captain of Šariš castle, already paid attention to the mineral waters, healing and thermal springs of Spiš in his work “On the Wonderful Waters of Hungary”, published in Basel in 1549. At the foot of the Tatras, he mentioned two exceptional and rare springs (at that time they had no known names).

The evangelical teacher Juraj Buchholtz st. (1643-1724), in the manuscript of his biography from 1707, where he describes the pumping of water, its trading and the stylish construction of the first wooden log cabins and bathhouses around the springs. The acid spring is also mentioned by his son Jakub Buchholtz (1696-1758), a Kežmar conifer, mineralogist and botanist, who in 1751 led the imperial commission investigating the mineral wealth of Spiš. After examining several mineral sources, he recommended that people drink mineral water from the Tatras daily, mainly for its great taste and beneficial effects.

With this attribute, full demijohns were regularly transported on the backs of donkeys and horses from the source area in the Tatras, even for the personal use of Queen Maria Theresa, to the court in Vienna (more than 400 km!). Buyers even took them all the way to Constantinople (now Istanbul).

At the time when the “kings” drank it, it was orange in color because there was no way to reduce the high iron content. However, the quality of the water was preserved even for several weeks!

In 1754, in his official report on the two Smokovecky carbon sources, the Spiš county physician Ján Žigmund Kreysel (1717-1768) also expressed himself positively, and perhaps his knowledge and considerations prompted a little later, the educated Count Štefan Csáky, to build near the tasty and for visitors and healing springs, other objects. In their surroundings, the center of settlement of the Tatras naturally arose at that time. A more detailed analysis of the waters from the springs was carried out in 1772 by Viennese professor Heinrich Johann Crantz, who, in addition to carbon dioxide, also found iron and other important minerals in them. A highly respected expert at the time, he described this water in his work as the absolute best he had ever encountered, especially for its beneficial effects.

In the second half of the 19th century, two Smokovec springs were named Castor and Pollux, after twins from Greek mythology. People often adapted and changed their names. It was partly due to the fact that water was drunk in large quantities all over Hungary, under different names in each language. Today, we call this wonderful water, also because of the location of the spring, Chamois.


Monde Selection / Grand Gold Quality Award

Since 1961, Monde Selection has been evaluating the quality of consumer products from around the world. More than 80 international experts perform a 360° quality assessment in a completely independent way. Each product is tasted and tested individually based on many parameters carefully selected according to the product category and consumer expectations. Products that met the jury’s expectations during the evaluation are awarded a prestigious quality award, which will be a guide and reassurance for the consumer in the purchase process.


Jury experts

The jury appointed by Monde Selection is composed exclusively of water sommeliers and taste technologists who specialize in this field. For the sensory evaluation of waters and soft drinks, Monde Selection works closely with the German Doemens Academy. Doemens Academy is an internationally recognized institute specializing in sensory evaluation of mineral and spring waters and soft drinks.

  • It has a harmonizing effect on the body
  • Crystal clear from a natural spring
  • A spring with a granite bedrock
  • the spring has a limited capacity of 720 l/h
  • regular control, water analysis in an accredited laboratory
  • the ideal water temperature for consumption is 12 – 15°C
  • it is always filled fresh and without modification from the source directly into the bottles
  • it is suitable for every food and wine, it will always support the gastronomic experience
  • it creates a festive and representative atmosphere on the table
  • it has a painted and original design quality glass bottle
  • the extremely high quality of the water is world-class and has been awarded several times